Stainless steel magnetic bracelet oceanic waveform energy uni silver solid Energetix 4you 201 narrow size XS to XXXL in the pouch

Energetic stainless steel magnetic bracelet No. energy. 201 oceanic narrow. uni / width 7.1 mm. div. neodymium magnets with about 2500 Gauss
Stainless steel. solid. nickel allergy free. Size XS (13-14 cm). S (14-15 cm). M (15-16 cm). L (16-18 cm). XL (18-20 cm). XXL (20-22 cm). or XXXL (22-24 cm)... Please tell us your delivery size.
Beauty and a new lightness. Our energy bracelets are among the most popular parts of the collection year after year. Taste these jewelry pieces are beautiful. robust and adaptable. Certainly you will want to separate already soon it. Feel the power of the magnets. Many of our customers enjoy more power. vitality and flexibility and freedom from pain.
Wearing magnetic jewelry promotes wellbeing in decisive manner! Already the ancient Chinese did millennia ago. how important are a balanced body balance and a harmonious flow of energy for our well-being. In addition to the traditional Chinese acupuncture. magnetic field therapy increases the blood circulation and promotes metabolism.
The magnetic force activates the metabolism and supports all of the body's functions. The self-healing are encouraged and the defenses to be strengthened. Wearing magnetic jewelry promotes wellbeing in decisive manner!
Magnetic Therapy is a natural and safe therapy which is believed to provide the following benefits and many more:- Relief from the effects of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Promote restful sleep to aid with insomnia. Stimulation of blood circulation. Relief for aching joints and muscles. Helps to feel less tired and fatigued. Relief for headaches. Raising oxygen levels. Relief for period pains and stress. Magnetic therapy has no known side effects. you can wear magnetic jewellery for an indefinite length of time regardless of magnet strength and they are safe to wear around computers and laptops. Magnetic products must not be used during pregnancy. if you have any electrical implants or pacemakers. on open wounds. if you are using insulin pumps. or for young children. Magnets have been used as therapy for thousands of years. dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Disclaimer: Our magnetic therapy items are not sold as medical devices and as such we make no medical claims. Magnetic therapy will not provide a cure and we cannot guarantee that you will experience any of the benefits outlined above. with that said many people claim to find relief from many ailments as a result of magnetic therapy.


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